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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    10 December 2018Leaky revelations: Commitments in exposing militarism  Rappert, B
    1 June 2004Learner inclusiveness for creative learning  Craft, Anna; Jeffrey, Bob
    2004Learners' perceptions of their successes and failures in foreign language learning  Williams, Marion; Burden, Robert; Poulet, Gérard; et al.
    5 June 2018Learners' use of domain-specific computer-based feedback to overcome logical circularity in deductive proving in geometry  Fujita, T; Jones, DK; Miyazaki, M
    8 May 2019Learning discomfort: A ‘good enough teacher’ and teaching through challenge  Kavedzija, I
    2010Learning how to model ecosystem trade-offs at the farm scale  Pilgrim, ES; Blackwell, M; Beaumont, D; et al.
    19 May 2017Learning in the Bath-tub: The Micro and Macro Dimensions of the Causal Relationship between Learning and Policy Change  Dunlop, CA; Radaelli, CM
    29 May 2013Learning in the European Union: Theoretical Lenses and Meta-Theory  Radaelli, Claudio M.; Dunlop, Claire A.
    2013Learning in the European Union: Theoretical Lenses and Meta-Theory  Radaelli, Claudio M.; Dunlop, Claire A.
    1 April 2015Lecturers' views of curriculum change at English Language Teaching departments in Turkey  Uztozun, Mehmet Sercan; Troudi, Salah
    1 October 2010Legal assumptions, cohabitants' talk and the rocky road to reform  Barlow, Anne; Smithson, Janet
    10 December 2014Legal Heroes and Practising Villains in the Nineteenth Century Press  Newbery-Jones, Craig John
    2007Legal landmarks: the architecture of justice in late medieval England  Musson, Anthony
    2009Legal Rationality and Family Property  Barlow, Anne
    22 April 2020Legal regulation and the juridification of party governance  Bolleyer, N; Gauja, A; Correa, P
    20 May 2020Legal resilience in an era of gray zone conflicts and hybrid threats‌  Sari, A
    2014Legislating for cohabitation in common law jurisdictions in Europe: Two Steps Forward and One step Back?  Barlow, Anne
    23 January 2013Legitimacy and Compliance with International Law: Access to Detainees in Civil Conficts, 1991–2006  Thomson, Catarina P; Jo, Hyeran
    1999Legitimating post-Fordism: a critique of Anthony Giddens' later works  King, Anthony
    2015Les élections législatives grecques de 2015 : alterner et punir  Rori, L