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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 April 2016Partnerships in medical education: looking across disciplinary boundaries to extend knowledge  Hall, E; Cleland, J; Mattick, K
    21 February 2012Party control, party competition and public service performance  James, O; Boyne, G; John, P; et al.
    11 June 2019Party institutionalization as multilevel concept: base- versus elite-level routinization  Bolleyer, N; Ruth-Lovell, SP
    1 April 2014Passion: Engine of Creative Teaching in an English University?  Craft, Anna; Hall, Emese; Costello, Rebecca
    20 May 2016Passive, Silent and Revolutionary: The 'Arab Spring' Revisited.  Brownlee, BJ; Ghiabi, M
    3 May 2020Patents and non-invasive prenatal testing: Is there cause for concern?  Hawkins, NLN
    7 November 2016Pathologies of Policy Learning: What Are They and How Do They Contribute to Policy Failure? (article)  Dunlop, CA
    15 January 2020Pathologies of Policy Learning: What Are They and How Do They Contribute to Policy Failure? (chapter)  Dunlop, CA
    5 July 2016Pathways to school belonging  Allen, K; Boyle, C
    24 October 2014Patient data as medical facts: Social media practices as a foundation for medical knowledge creation  Kallinikos, Jannis; Tempini, Niccolò
    23 January 2019Patients’ online interventions can scupper clinical trials  Tempini, N; Teira, D
    30 July 2014Patterns of EU Energy Policy Outputs: Incrementalism or Punctuated Equilibrium?  Benson, D; Russel, D
    1 April 2007Peacebuilding as Practice: Discourses from Post-Conflict Tajikistan  Heathershaw, John
    30 May 2017Peacetime Cyber Responses and Wartime Cyber Operations Under International Law: An Analytical Vade Mecum  Schmitt, M
    14 July 2017Pedagogical Beliefs and Attitudes toward Information and Communication Technology: A Survey of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in China  Liu, H; Lin, CH; Zhang, D
    23 June 2017Pedagogical bricoleurs and bricolage researchers: The case of Religious Education  Freathy, R; Doney, J; Freathy, G; et al.
    1 October 2019Pedagogical link-making with digital technology in science classrooms: new perspectives on connected learning  Kleine Staarman, JAG; Ametller, J
    1 November 2006Pedagogy and possibility thinking in the early years  Cremin, Teresa; Burnard, Pamela; Craft, Anna
    1 January 2008Pedagogy or Ideological Struggle? An Examination of Pupils’ and Teachers’ Expectations for Talk in the Classroom  Fisher, Ros; Larkin, Shirley
    2017Peer-peer collaborative dialogue in second language writing  Abdollahzadeh, E; Yang, Y