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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    13 February 2017How Property Markets Determine Welfare Outcomes: An Equilibrium Sorting Model Analysis of Local Environmental Interventions  Binner, AR; Day, BH
    4 May 2016How scalable is sustainable intensification?  Gunton, RM; Firbank, LG; Inman, A; et al.
    2009How Talk Becomes Text: investigating the concept of oral rehearsal in early years’ classrooms.  Myhill, Debra; Jones, Susan M.
    25 August 2011How the Gene Ontology Evolves  Leonelli, Sabina; Diehl, Alexander D.; Christie, Karen R.; et al.
    2015How the Great Chain of Being Fell Apart: Diversity in Natural History 1758-1859  Müller-Wille, S
    2015How the Great Chain of Being Fell Apart: Diversity in Natural History 1758-1859  Müller-Wille, S
    1 July 2017How to Become a Post-Dog: Animals in Transhumanism  Hauskeller, M
    2019How to Choose Your Research Organism  Dietrich, M; Ankeny, R; Crowe, N; et al.
    9 May 2018How to deliver the mental health services that young people desperately need  Boyle, C; shield, W
    26 August 2019How well do we understand social inclusion in education?  Koutsouris, G; Anglin-Jaffe, H; Stentiford, L
    8 November 2013Human Development Dynamics: an Agent Based Simulation of Macro Social Systems and Individual Heterogeneous Evolutionary Games  Abdollahian, MA; Yang, Z; Coan, T; et al.
    23 March 2018Human Embryo Gene Editing in China: The Uncertain Legal Status of the Embryo  Jiang, L; Rosemann, A
    2011Human Enhancement and the Giftedness of Life  Hauskeller, Michael
    15 June 2015Human Genome Project, personalised medicine and future health care  Tempini, Niccolò; Leonelli, Sabina
    1 December 2004Human kinds and biological kinds: some similarities and differences  Dupré, John
    27 February 2015Human Rights, persons with disabilities and copyright  Waelde, Charlotte; Brown, Abbe
    16 June 2016Human Security and International Law: The Potential Scope for Legal Development within the Analytical Framework of Security  Nasu, H
    1 October 2018Human Trafficking as a Migration Crisis – Gender, Precariousness and access to labour rights  Thiemann, IK
    2015Humanism and the Mediated Self: On Tamar Sharon's Human Nature in an Age of Biotechnology  Hauskeller, Michael
    26 October 2010Humbler craft: Rafts of the Egyptian Nile, 17th-20th Centuries AD  Cooper, John P.