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  • Zen history 

    Gallois, W (Taylor and francis, 2010-07-22)
    Given that historians have a voracious interest in studying the distinctiveness of cultures aross the world and across time, why do they have so little interest in learning or borrowing from the temporal and historical ...
  • Zenélés a „víg gettóban”. A cseh underground 1968 és 1989 között 

    Hagen, Trever (KORALL Társadalomtörténeti Egyesület, 2010)
    This study presents an empirical case study of the Czech Underground community, focusing on actors’ entrance into, and experience within, the Underground from the late 1960s to 1980s. The Underground can be conceived as a ...
  • 幼儿自主性绘画及其对身份的理解 [Identity and Young Children’s Drawings] 

    Hall, Emese (Not available, 2010)
    This article highlights the potential of drawing as an ‘‘authoring space’’ for self, and case studies show how two children have used drawing to explore and make sense of their identities in playful ways. Data originates ...
  • An extension to the 3rd report of the Biblos Project 

    Freathy, R.J.K.; Lane, Sarah; Savini, Heather; Walshe, Karen; Copley, Terence (University of Exeter, 2006)