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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2013Calling out to tune in: Radio Free Europe in Czechoslovakia  Hagen, Trever
    18 May 2022Can Correlation Between Governor's Party and COVID-19 Morbidity Be Explained by the Differences in COVID-19 Mitigation Policies in the States?  Shvetsova, O; Zhirnov, A; Giannelli, F; et al.
    4 October 2017Can harmonized regulation overcome intra-European differences? Insights from a European Phase III stem cell trial  Hauskeller, C
    17 October 2014Can I access my personal genome? The current legal position in the UK.  Kaye, J; Kanellopoulou, N; Gowans, H; et al.
    1 July 2020Can partisans be pluralist? A comparative study of party member discourse in France and Hungary  Herman, L
    4 December 2018Can Practitioners use Patient Reported Measures to Enhance Person Centred Coordinated Care in Practice? A qualitative study  Wheat, HC; Horrell, J; Valderas, J; et al.
    20 December 2012Can preschool protect young children’s cognitive and social development? Variation by center quality and duration of attendance  Hall, J; Sylva, K; Sammons, P; et al.
    29 March 2022Can There Be a Unified 5E Theory of Pain?  Bogotá, JD; Colombetti, G
    1 January 2016Can there be belief without evidence?  Wilkinson, S
    24 September 2019Can’t Get No Learning: The Brexit Fiasco through the Lens of Policy Learning  Dunlop, CA; Scott, J; Radaelli, CM
    1 January 2017Capacity to adapt to environmental change: evidence from a network of organizations concerned with increasing wildfire risk  Jasny, LS; Fischer, AP
    7 June 2021Capitalising on faith? An intergenerational study of social and religious capital among Baby Boomers and Millennials in Britain  Fox, S; Muddiman, E; Hampton, J; et al.
    27 April 2016Capturing visual metaphors and tales: Innovative or elusive?  Baumfield, V; Elliott, D; Reid, K
    27 February 2019Care as an alternative to killing? Reconceptualising veterinary end of life care for animals  Hurn, S; Badman-King, A
    13 January 2020Care Ethics and Care Contexts: Contributions from Feminist Philosophy  Hauskeller, C
    22 July 2015Caricatures, Myths, and White Lies  Walsh, K; Currie, A
    1 December 2015Caring about social complexity in nanomedicine  Schillmeier, Michael
    12 December 2017Carl Schmitt in Moscow: Counter-Revolutionary Ideology and the Putinist State  Lewis, DG
    13 December 2017Carrier Liability under the Rotterdam Rules  Nousia, KP
    1 July 2016CATALISE: A multinational and multidisciplinary Delphi consensus study. Identifying language impairments in children  Bishop, DVM; Snowling, MJ; Thompson, PA; et al.