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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    6 March 2009Hannah Arendt (1906-1975)  Schaap, Andrew
    6 June 2011Hannah Arendt and the Philosophical Repression of Politics  Schaap, Andrew
    2016Happiness, pleasure, and belief  Skidelsky, EBH
    2009Hard and Easy Questions about Consciousness  Dupré, John
    2003Hard frost, hard times in the former "breadbasket of Europe"  Sheppard, Andrew
    15 June 2018Harmful algal blooms: the impacts on cultural ecosystem services and human well-being in a case study setting, Cornwall, UK  Willis, C; Papathanasopoulou, E; Russel, DJ; et al.
    10 July 2016Has the devolution of responsibility for biodiversity conservation to regional governments presented either a boon or barrier to the further implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity’s Ecosystem Approach in the United Kingdom?  Kirsop-Taylor, NA
    3 April 2018Hayatleh v Modfy: presuming the validity of a known ceremony of marriage  Probert, RJ
    20 October 2020Health and safety at work in the time of COVID-19: a social Europe reckoning?  Alexandris Polomarkakis, K
    2016Hear my voice: a community-based participatory study gathering the lived experiences of people with disabilities and older people in Tanzania  Greenwood, M; Fakih, B; Steff, , M; et al.
    11 September 2019Hearing Soundless Voices  Wilkinson, S
    1 July 2016Heredity Before Genetics  Muller-Wille, SEW; Rheinberger, HJ
    8 June 2016Heredity Explored Between Public Domain and Experimental Science, 1850-1930  Müller-Wille, S; Brandt, C
    16 May 2019Heretics and Party-Crashers: Al-Khāṭīb al-Baghdādī’s Kitāb al-Taṭfīl  Selove, EJ; Turner, J
    1 October 2015Hérédité, race et eugénisme dans le long xixe siècle  Muller-Wille, SEW
    17 October 2016Hidden treasure: Successful international doctoral students who found and harnessed the hidden curriculum  Elliott, D; Reid, K; Makara Fuller, K
    8 December 2020High rejection, low selection: How ‘punitive parties’ shape ethnic minority representation  English, P
    2008High Sheriffs of Devon since 1832  Pugsley, David
    4 November 2019High-status lobbyists are most likely to overrate their success  Lyons, BA; McKay, AM; Reifler, J
    20 February 2018Historicizing the idea of human rights  Lamb, Robert