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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 July 2013UK air-sea integration in Libya, 2011: a successful blueprint for the future?  Till, Geoffrey; Robson, Martin
    22 September 2018UK higher education lecturers’ perspectives of dyslexia, dyslexic students and related disability provision  Ryder, D; Norwich, B
    2021UK medical schools’ online information on contextual admissions: Enabling greater choice?  Eguigurem Wray, O; Pollard, SR; Mountford-Zimdars, A
    2014UK National Ecosystem Assessment Follow-on. Work Package Report 9: Embedding an Ecosystem Services Framework in appraisal: Key barriers and enablers  Russel, DJ; Turnpenny, J; Jordan, A; et al.
    1 January 2017UK policy options and the South Atlantic  Robson, M
    7 January 2019UK Strategy in the Gulf and Middle East After American Retrenchment  Stansfield, G; Stokes, D; Kelly, S
    3 July 2018UK’s Cultural Property (Armed Conflicts) Act 2017 – Legislation 60 Years in Making  Jachec-Neale, A
    7 December 2018Umamimi robotic horse ears – using configurable code profiles to replicate individuality in equine animatronics  North, S
    27 September 2018Umamimi: the wind of heaven blows between the gentle flicks of my robotic horse ears  North, S
    14 December 2021Unblurring the lines: military cyber operations and international law  Mačák, K
    30 November 2019Uncertain Certainty?: Making Sense of the European Court of Human Rights’ Standard of Proof  Bicknell, C
    9 February 2019Uncertainty in the Law of Targeting: Towards a Cognitive Framework  Schmitt, M; Schauss, M
    11 March 2019Uncertainty, Cleavages and Ethnic Coalitions  Bormann, N
    1 July 2012Under one leaf: an historical perspective on the UK Plant Science Federation.  Leonelli, Sabina; Charnley, Berris; Webb, Alex; et al.
    1 June 2020Under the bridge in Tehran: Addiction, Poverty and Capital  Ghiabi, M
    14 May 2013Understanding 'understanding' in Religious Education  Walshe, Karen; Teece, Geoffrey
    23 November 2020Understanding and improving experiences of care in hospital for people living with dementia, their carers and staff: three systematic reviews  Gwernan-Jones, R; Lourida, I; Abbott, RA; et al.
    14 May 2019Understanding and quantifying the health and wellbeing value of the East Devon Pebblebed Heaths and exploring the potential of partnership working involving private sector organisations  Petersen, C
    1 September 2004Understanding Contemporary Genomics  Dupré, John
    29 June 2020Understanding Inclusive Education in the Basque Country  Gaintza, Z; Darretxe, L; Boyle, C