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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    23 December 2015Values of happiness  Walker, H; Kavedžija, I
    1 August 2019Valuing labour: The interaction of law and informal norms in UK agriculture  Lord, P
    2012Valuing our journeys of becoming: humanising creativity.  Chappell, Kerry; Craft, Anna; Rolfe, Linda; et al.
    15 September 2021Varieties of authoritarianism in Central Asia  Lewis, D
    2009Varieties of living things: Life at the intersection of lineage and metabolism  Dupré, John; O'Malley, Maureen A.
    9 November 2017Varieties of Political Support in Emerging Democracies: A Cross-National Analysis  Katz Wisel, G; Levin, I
    14 February 2011Varieties of pre-reflective self-awareness: foreground and background bodily feelings in emotion experience  Colombetti, Giovanna
    2011Veblen in the (Inner) City: On the Normality of Looting  Varul, M.Z.
    13 March 2017Verfahrensweisen der Naturgeschichte nach Linné  Muller-Wille, SEW
    9 October 2019Vermin, victims and disease: British debates over bovine tuberculosis and badgers  Cassidy, A
    27 March 2012Vermin, Victims and Disease: UK Framings of Badgers In and Beyond the Bovine TB Controversy  Cassidy, A
    14 October 2015Vernacular Theories of Everyday (In)security: The Disruptive Potential of Non-Elite Knowledge  Stevens, Daniel P.; Vaughan-Williams, N
    23 January 2019Vested interests in unblinded trials  Tempini, N; Teira, D
    6 October 2020Vesting transnational corporate responsibility in natural persons v. legal persons: What Matters Today?  Rogge, M
    1 April 2010Vicarious Religion: A Response  Davie, Grace
    24 July 2017Violence of war, ontopology, and the instrumental and performative constitution of the political community  Mulaj, K
    1 August 2020Virtual special issue: public policy and administration and COVID-19  Baker, K; Dunlop, CA; Ongaro, E
    16 March 2016Viruses as living processes  Dupré, John; Guttinger, S
    2012Visions of the Empire: Religion, Ontology and the 'International' in Early Modernity  Freire, Lucas G.
    8 October 2012Visions of the Empire: Religion, Ontology and the 'International' in Early Modernity  Freire, Lucas G.