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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    13 July 2015American foundations in the Great Bear Rainforest: Philanthrocapitalism, governmentality, and democracy  Tedesco, D
    27 March 2017Amongst the disciplines: anthropology, sociology, intersection, and intersectionality  Tyler, K; Degnen, C
    1 June 2015Analisi empirica e principio di precauzione: Un incontro possibile  Radaelli, Claudio M.
    11 January 2019An analysis of social class differentials in parent-initiated contact with teachers  Barg, K
    2009Analysis of socio-economic aspects of local and national organic farming markets  Lobley, M; Butler, A; Courtney, P; et al.
    2007An analysis of the efficacy of a motor skills training programme for young people with Moderate Learning Difficulties  Boyle, CM
    2019Analyzing co-occurrence data  Gries, ST; Durrant, P
    2019Anarchism and Global Ethics  Prichard, A
    11 October 2017Anarchism and Nineteenth Century European Philosophy  Abufom Silva, P; Prichard, A
    24 June 2019Anarchism and non-domination  Kinna, R; Prichard, WAL
    20 July 2017Anarchy and International Relations theory: A reconsideration  Havercroft, J; Prichard, A
    10 June 2018Anarchy, anarchism and multiplicity: preface to a dialogue with Rosenberg  Prichard, A
    2019Ancient Greek philosophy and Islamic political advice literature  Kristo-Nagy, IT
    2007Anglo-American conceptions of professional responsibility and the reform of Japanese legal education: creating a virtuous circle?  Economides, Kim
    20 March 2017Animal roles and traces in the history of medicine, c1880-1980  Cassidy, A; Mason Dentinger, R; Schoefert, K; et al.
    1 September 2014Animalism and the persistence of human organisms  Dupré, John
    2018Animals and the shaping of modern medicine: One health and its histories  Woods, A; Bresalier, M; Cassidy, A; et al.
    1 February 2016Animals as producers, consumers and consumed: the complexities of trans-species sustenance in a multi-faith community  Hurn, Samantha
    1 September 2014Anti-politics in action? Exposing measurement dilemmas in the study of unconventional political participation  Saunders, Clare
    6 March 2018Antigone’s forensic DNA database: Forensic technologies and the search for the disappeared in Mexico  Schwartz Marin, E; Cruz-Santiago, A