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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    31 December 2019Austerity Measures at the European Court of Human Rights: Can the Court Establish a Minimum of Welfare Provisions?  Kagiaros, D
    1 October 2017BPP Holdings Ltd and others v HMRC: Securing administrative justice in tax tribunals  Kagiaros, D
    2020The Case of the Eight Turkish Military Personnel who Sought Asylum in Greece after the Failed 2016 Coup Attempt in Turkey: Fair Trial as a Reason Precluding Non-Refoulement and (Stricto Sensu) Proportionality  Tzevelekos, V; Kagiaros, D
    10 April 2018Democracy in Question? Direct Democracy in the European Union  Adam, EC; Kagiaros, D; Tierney, S
    2020The Importance of State Practice in the Shaping of International Standards Pertaining to the Clash between Free Speech and the Banning of Negationism: The Contribution of the Greek Legal Order  Kagiaros, D; Tzevelekos, V
    26 July 2018Protecting Whistleblowers: The Roles of Public and Private International Law  Kagiaros, D; Wyper, A
    23 May 2015Protecting ‘national security’ whistleblowers in the Council of Europe: an evaluation of three approaches on how to balance national security with freedom of expression  Kagiaros, D
    24 May 2019Publication Review: Sovereign Debt and Human Rights Ilias Bantekas and Cephas Lumina (eds)  Kagiaros, D
    12 December 2019Rape Crisis Centre v Secretary of State for the Home Department  Kagiaros, D
    26 November 2019Vulnerability as a path to a ‘social minimum’: An analysis of ECtHR jurisprudence  Kagiaros, D
    17 January 2019When to use European Consensus: Assessing the Differential Treatment of Minority Groups by the European Court of Human Rights  Kagiaros, D