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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2 July 2018Computational Anthrozoology - a manifesto: ‘as the lens’ and ‘under the lens’  North, S
    2 November 2018A computational anthrozoology perspective on horse-machine interaction: explored through the umamimi robotic horse ears  North, S
    2018Exeter Anthrozoology as Symbiotic Ethics (EASE) working group's written evidence to the UK government's Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) commons select committee - pre-legislative scrutiny on the UK's Animal Welfare (Sentencing and Recognition of Sentience) Bill (draft dated 12 December 2017)  Hurn, S; Rice, T; Badman-King, A; et al.
    1 November 2017“Hey, where’s my hay?” design fictions in horse-computer interaction  North, S
    10 May 2019Imaginary studies: a science fiction autoethnography concerning the design, implementation and evaluation of a fictional quantitative study to evaluate the Umamimi robotic horse ears  North, S
    19 July 2018Non-humans, technology and symbiotic ethics: the challenges of developing an ethical framework for an emerging research area  North, S
    1 November 2017Salient features, combined detectors and image flipping: an approach to Haar cascades for recognising horses and other complex, deformable objects  North, S
    7 December 2018Umamimi robotic horse ears – using configurable code profiles to replicate individuality in equine animatronics  North, S
    27 September 2018Umamimi: the wind of heaven blows between the gentle flicks of my robotic horse ears  North, S