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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    17 November 2016“$100 Is not much to you”: Open science and neglected accessibilities for scientific research in Africa  Bezuidenhout, L; Kelly, A; Leonelli, S; et al.
    1 August 2017Beyond the digital divide: Towards a situated approach to open data  Bezuidenhout, L; Rappert, B; Kelly, A; et al.
    29 December 2016Data Shadows: Knowledge, Openness and Absence  Leonelli, S; Rappert, B; Davies, GF
    18 May 2017Data Sharing in Low-resourced Research Environments  Rappert, B; Bezuidenhout, L
    19 February 2018Introduction: Open data and Africa  Leonelli, S; Rappert, B; Bezuidenhout, L
    10 December 2018Leaky revelations: Commitments in exposing militarism  Rappert, B
    28 November 2017Making Sense of Evidence: Using Research Training to Promote Organisational Change  Wilkinson, K; Boyd, K; Pearson, M; et al.
    2017Meditations on silence: The (non-)conveying of the experiential in scientific accounts of Buddhist meditation  Rappert, B; Coopmans; Colombetti, G
    19 October 2018Opening Spaces through Exhibiting Absences: Representing Secretive Pasts  Rappert, B; Smith, K; Gould, C
    2017What is absent from contemplative neuroscience? Rethinking limits within the study of consciousness, experience, and meditation  Rappert, B; Colombetti, G; Coopmans, K