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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 February 2008The benefits, risks, and threats of biotechnology  Rappert, Brian
    1 December 2012The case for addressing explosive weapons: conflict, violence and health.  Rappert, Brian; Moyes, Richard; Lang, Iain
    12 December 2005The chains that bind?  Rappert, Brian
    1 June 2007Codes of conduct and biological weapons: an in-process assessment  Rappert, Brian
    1 May 2008A convention beyond the Convention: stigma, humanitarian standards and the Oslo Process  Rappert, Brian
    1 January 2010Enhancing the protection of civilians from armed conflict: precautionary lessons.  Rappert, Brian; Moyes, Richard
    2011Evidencing similarity: The language of judgement, spin, and accountability  Rappert, Brian
    1 August 2006Failure to protect: a case for the prohibition of cluster munitions  Rappert, Brian; Moyes, Richard
    1 March 2008Improving oversight: development of an educational module on dual-use research in the West  Rappert, Brian; Davidson, E. Megan
    1 October 2007Introduction  Rappert, Brian; Croft, Stuart
    1 October 2007Introduction: a web of prevention?  Feakes, Daniel; Rappert, Brian; McLeish, Caitriona
    2015On conveying and not conveying expertise  Rappert, Brian; Coopmans, Catelijne
    1 November 2007On the mid range: an exercise in disposing (or minding the gaps)  Rappert, Brian
    1 November 2005Out of balance: the UK Government's efforts to understand cluster munitions and international humanitarian law  Rappert, Brian
    1 April 2008(Police use of) force  Rappert, Brian
    1 December 2007Policing & the use of force: less lethal weapons  Rappert, Brian
    1 August 1999Rationalising the future? Foresight in science and technology policy co-ordination  Rappert, Brian
    2010Revealing and Concealing Secrets in Research: The Potential for the Absent  Rappert, Brian
    1 October 2007Science, technology and the military: priorities, preoccupations and possibilities  Rappert, Brian; Balmer, Brian; Stone, John
    2012States of ignorance: The unmaking and remaking of death tolls  Rappert, Brian