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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 November 2008Aboriginal sovereignty and the democratic paradox  Schaap, Andrew
    29 June 2010Aboriginal Sovereignty and the Politics of Reconciliation: The Constituent Power of the Aboriginal Embassy in Australia  Muldoon, Paul; Schaap, Andrew
    1 March 2009The absurd proposition of Aboriginal sovereignty  Schaap, Andrew
    8 June 2011Arendt's Constitutional Question  Schaap, Andrew; Christodoulidis, Emilios
    13 December 2011Confounded by Recognition: The Apology, the High Court and the Tent Embassy in Australia  Muldoon, Paul; Schaap, Andrew
    6 March 2009Hannah Arendt (1906-1975)  Schaap, Andrew
    6 June 2011Hannah Arendt and the Philosophical Repression of Politics  Schaap, Andrew
    1 March 2009Introduction to "Law and Agonistic Politics"  Schaap, Andrew
    2010The politics of need  Schaap, Andrew
    9 July 2008Reconciliation as Ideology and Politics  Schaap, Andrew
    2008The rights of political animals: Jacques Rancière’s critique of Hannah Arendt  Schaap, Andrew