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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2015Copyright and publicly funded Arts and Humanities research: identifying and developing sustainable exploitation models in the digital economy  Waelde, Charlotte; Kheria, S; Levin, N
    2014Disabled Dance: Grounding the Practice in the Law of 'Cultural Heritage'  Waelde, Charlotte; Harmon, S; Whatley, S
    27 February 2015Human Rights, persons with disabilities and copyright  Waelde, Charlotte; Brown, Abbe
    2 January 2014Intellectual Property and 3D Printing: A case study on 3D chocolate printing  Li, Phoebe; Mellor, Stephen; Griffin, James G.H.; et al.
    27 March 2015IP, Disability, culture and exceptionalism: does copyright law deal with difference?  Waelde, Charlotte; Brown, Abbe
    2014Let's Dance! But who owns it?  Waelde, Charlotte; Whatley, S; Pavis, M
    1 December 2011Music and dance: beyond copyright text?  Waelde, Charlotte; Schlesinger, Philip
    29 May 2018A new foundation: physical Integrity, disabled dance and cultural heritage  Brown, Abbe; Harmon, Shawn; Marsh, Kate; et al.
    2015RICHES IPR Strategy Report  Waelde, Charlotte; Cummings, C
    2015SCRIPT: A legacy of vitality  Waelde, Charlotte; Harmon, S; Brown, Abbe