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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 November 2008Aboriginal sovereignty and the democratic paradox  Schaap, Andrew
    1 March 2009The absurd proposition of Aboriginal sovereignty  Schaap, Andrew
    27 September 2020Accessibility and Open GLAM  Wallace, A
    25 July 2018Acoustemology  Rice, T
    30 June 2019Administrative Law  Rolland, F
    1 December 2015The Affective "We": Self-regulation and Shared Emotions  Krueger, J
    20 October 2016Affective incorporation  Colombetti, Giovanna
    1 January 2019Age-Period-Cohort Models for Electoral Survey Data: An Application to British General Elections, 1964–2010  Katz Wisel, G
    2020Al-Muqaddasi's tenth-century maritime landscape of the Arabian Red Sea  Agius, D
    2020Analyzing co-occurrence data  Gries, ST; Durrant, P
    21 May 2020Anarchism and Global Ethics  Prichard, A
    11 October 2017Anarchism and Nineteenth Century European Philosophy  Abufom Silva, P; Prichard, A
    2019Ancient Greek philosophy and Islamic political advice literature  Kristo-Nagy, IT
    1 March 2017The Archaeology of Islamisation in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Comparative Study  Insoll, T
    8 June 2011Arendt's Constitutional Question  Schaap, Andrew; Christodoulidis, Emilios
    1 February 2018Assembling Biomedical Big Data  Leonelli, S
    2 September 2015At Home in and Beyond Our Skin: Posthuman Embodiment in Film and Television  Krueger, JW
    2015The Authority of Law in a Bureaucratic Framework: the Nineteenth-century Medicine Stamp Duty  Stebbings, Chantal
    1 October 2017Automatic Sweethearts for Transhumanists  Hauskeller, M
    1 March 2017Badger-human conflict: an overlooked historical context for bovine TB debates in the UK  Cassidy, A