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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 July 2015Achieving Compositional Language in a Population of Iterated Learners  Brace, LG; Bullock, S; Noble, J
    2012Advertising Paekdusan: an ethnography of travel in contemporary South Korea  Dugnoille, Julien
    15 July 2015Boat and ship engravings at Al Zubarah, Qatar: the dāw exposed?  Agius, DA; Cooper, JP; Collie, T; et al.
    1 March 2015Children's voices: Centre-stage or side-lined in out-of-court dispute resolution in England and Wales? (conference paper)  Ewing, Jan; Hunter, Rosemary; Barlow, Anne; et al.
    2 July 2018Computational Anthrozoology - a manifesto: ‘as the lens’ and ‘under the lens’  North, S
    2 November 2018A computational anthrozoology perspective on horse-machine interaction: explored through the umamimi robotic horse ears  North, S
    2014Consumerism as Folk Religion?  Varul, M.Z.
    1 July 2013Continuities of Culture in the Cosmopolitan City: Accessing London/Turkish Spiritualities in Commercial Cultures through Accidental Clues  Varul, M.Z.
    2010The Dhow's last redoubt? Vestiges of wooden boatbuilding traditions in Yemen  Agius, DA; Cooper, JP; Jansen van Rensburg, J; et al.
    2013Disruptive technologies:engaging teachers and secondary school students in emerging affordances  Givens, NP; Barlex, D; Steeg, T
    6 September 2017Diversify, specialise, reform, or co-operate: analysis of the strategic responses from natural resource management organisations living under the shadow of austerity  Kirsop-Taylor, NA
    2009The Eccentricity of the Romantic Consumer: Campbell, Simmel and Plessner  Varul, M.Z.
    11 April 2012European agriculture since World War II : technical change in south-west England, 1940-1985  Brassley, P; Winter, M; Harvey, D; et al.
    6 August 2012Farmers feeding the nation : processes of technical change and agricultural innovation in South West England (1937-1985)  Harvey, D; Brassley, A; Lobley, M; et al.
    2009“Habitat is just another crop”: Training and advice for agri-environmental management  Lobley, M; Saratsi, E; Winter, M
    10 July 2016Has the devolution of responsibility for biodiversity conservation to regional governments presented either a boon or barrier to the further implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity’s Ecosystem Approach in the United Kingdom?  Kirsop-Taylor, NA
    1 November 2017“Hey, where’s my hay?” design fictions in horse-computer interaction  North, S
    10 May 2019Imaginary studies: a science fiction autoethnography concerning the design, implementation and evaluation of a fictional quantitative study to evaluate the Umamimi robotic horse ears  North, S
    1 August 2017Impact of 3D Printing Technology on Supply Chain in China  Chan, HK; Griffin, JGH; Lim, JJ; et al.
    29 November 2012Increased output in UK agriculture 1935-85: using Farm Management Survey data from south-west England to explore processes  Brassley, P; Butler, Allan; Harvey, D; et al.