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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    9 January 2019Assessing the Democratic Legitimacy of the 2016 Brexit Referendum  Kröger, S
    2016Between the NEET and the tidy - Exploring ‘middle’ outcomes in Scottish school qualifications  Gayle, V; Playford, CJ; Connelly, R; et al.
    1 June 2010Bolivia's regional elections  Flesken, Anaïd
    5 March 2015Collusion to Crackdown: Islamist-Military Relations in Egypt  Ashour, Omar
    2014The concealed middle? An exploration of ordinary young people and school GCSE subject area attainment  Gayle, V; Playford, CJ
    1 July 2015Critical exposition of Japanese takeover law in an international context  Lee, J
    18 April 2019Differentiated integration as a fair scheme of cooperation  Bellamy, R; Kröger, S
    2017Does prior qualification affect degree outcomes?  Banerjee, PA; Myhill, D; Robinson, C
    2017Emerging Powers and Global Order: Much Ado About Nothing?  Hurrell, A; Loke, B
    28 August 2018Extracting Topic-Specific Ideological Positions from News Articles  Cioroianu, I; Banducci, S; Szlavik, Z
    1 October 2015From 'Housekeeping' to 'Gatekeeping': The enhanced role of the company secretary in the governance system  Lee, J
    23 February 2015Intra-corporate dispute arbitration and minority shareholder protection: a corporate governance perspective (working paper)  Lee, J
    2014Justice and prisoners’ families  Kotova, A
    2002Modulation and agri-environment schemes: potential impacts on the South West, 2002. A South West perspective on the report of the Policy Commission on the Future of Farming and Food  Butler, Allan; Turner, Martin; Winter, Michael
    2005Punitive damages for breach of contract: what's so special about contract claims?  Tettenborn, Andrew
    1 May 2006The regulation of food advertising and obesity prevention: what role for the European Union?  Garde, Amandine
    18 April 2017The relationship between educational outcomes and family socioeconomic position in Scotland: the role of low birthweight and child development  Playford, CJ; Dibben, C; Williamson, L
    2002Research and knowledge transfer, 2002. A South West perspective on the report of the Policy Commission on the Future of Farming and Food  Winter, Michael
    1 February 2005Rituals of sport  King, Anthony
    2 May 2007The Social Importance and Continuity of Falaj Use in Northern Oman  Al Sulaimani, Zaher bin Khalid; Helmi, Tariq; Nash, Harriet