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  • Prokaryotic evolution and the tree of life are two different things. 

    Bapteste, Eric; O'Malley, Maureen A.; Beiko, Robert G.; Ereshefsky, |Marc; Gogarten, J. Peter; Franklin-Hall, Laura; Lapointe, François-Joseph; Dupré, John; Dagan, Tal; Boucher, Yan; Martin, William (Biomed Central, 2009)
    The concept of a tree of life is prevalent in the evolutionary literature. It stems from attempting to obtain a grand unified natural system that reflects a recurrent process of species and lineage splittings for all forms ...
  • Towards a Processual Microbial Ontology 

    Bapteste, Eric; Dupré, John (Springer Verlag, 2013-03)
    Standard microbial evolutionary ontology is organized according to a nested hierarchy of entities at various levels of biological organization. It typically detects and defines these entities in relation to the most ...