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  • “$100 Is not much to you”: Open science and neglected accessibilities for scientific research in Africa 

    Bezuidenhout, L; Kelly, A; Leonelli, S; Rappert, B (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2016-11-17)
    The Open Science movement promises nothing less than a revolution in the availability of scientific knowledge around the globe. By removing barriers to online data and encouraging publication in Open Access formats and ...
  • Beyond the digital divide: Towards a situated approach to open data 

    Bezuidenhout, L; Rappert, B; Kelly, A; Leonelli, S (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2017-08-01)
    Poor provision of information and communication technologies in low/middle-income countries represents a concern for promoting Open Data. This is often framed as a “digital divide” and addressed through initiatives that ...
  • Data Shadows: Knowledge, Openness and Absence 

    Leonelli, S; Rappert, B; Davies, GF (SAGE Publications for Society for Social Studies of Science, 2016-12-29)
    This editorial critically engages with the understanding of openness by attending to how notions of presence and absence come bundled together as part of efforts to make open. This is particularly evident in contemporary ...
  • Data Sharing in Low-resourced Research Environments 

    Rappert, B; Bezuidenhout, L (Taylor & Francis, 2017-05-18)
    ‘Open Data’ has recently emerged as a prominent label for renewed attempts to promote greater scientific exchange. As part of such efforts, the posting of data online is often portrayed as commonly beneficial: individual ...
  • Introduction: Open data and Africa 

    Leonelli, S; Rappert, B; Bezuidenhout, L (Ubiquity Press, 2018-02-19)
    This introduction outlines the contents of the special collection “Open Data and Africa”, which documents the goals and aspirations associated with Open Data means in Africa today: what opportunities they offer, what ...
  • Making Sense of Evidence: Using Research Training to Promote Organisational Change 

    Wilkinson, K; Boyd, K; Pearson, M; Farrimond, H; Lang, L; Fleischer, D; Poole, A; Ralph, N; Rappert, B (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2017-11-28)
    Many have argued that the development of evidence-based policing (EBP) depends on those in law enforcement agencies receiving appropriate training in research methodologies and data analysis. Despite this, there are few ...
  • Meditations on silence: The (non-)conveying of the experiential in scientific accounts of Buddhist meditation 

    Rappert, B; Coopmans; Colombetti, G (Routledge, 2017)
    Forthcoming book chapter in: The Silences of Science Gaps and Pauses in the Communication of Science, Edited by Felicity Mellor, Stephen Webster. © 2017 – Routledge. ISBN 9781472459978
  • What is absent from contemplative neuroscience? Rethinking limits within the study of consciousness, experience, and meditation 

    Rappert, B; Colombetti, G; Coopmans, K (Imprint Academic, 2017)
    In conveying experiences of meditation, the question of what exceeds or should resist description has been a recurrent topic of commentary in a wide array of literature—including religious doctrine, meditation guides ...