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  • Conflicting Climate Change Frames in a Global Field of Media Discourse 

    Broadbent, J; Sonnett, J; Botetzagias, I; Carson, M; Carvalho, A; Chien, Y-J; Edling, C; Fisher, D; Giouzepas, G; Haluza-DeLay, R; Hasegawa, K; Hirschi, C; Horta, A; Ikeda, K; Jin, J; Ku, D; Lahsen, M; Lee, H-C; Lin, T-LA; Malang, T; Ollmann, J; Payne, D; Pellissery, S; Price, S; Pulver, S; Sainz, J; Satoh, K; Saunders, C; Schmidt, L; Stoddart, MCJ; Swarnakar, P; Tatsumi, T; Tindall, D; Vaughter, P; Wagner, P; Yun, S-J; Zhengyi, S (SAGE Publications, 2016-08-31)
    Reducing global emissions will require a global cosmopolitan culture built from detailed attention to conflicting national climate change frames (interpretations) in media discourse. The authors analyze the global field ...