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  • Studies of association between the gene for calpain-10 and type 2 diabetes mellitus in the United Kingdom 

    Evans, Julie C.; Frayling, Timothy M.; Cassell, Paul G.; Saker, Philip J.; Hitman, Graham A.; Walker, Mark; Levy, Jonathan C.; O’Rahilly, Stephen; Rao, Pamidighantam V. Subba; Bennett, Amanda; Jones, Elizabeth C.; Menzel, Stephan; Prestwich, Philip; Simecek, Nikol; Wishart, Marie; Dhillon, Ranjit; Fletcher, Chris; Millward, Ann; Demaine, Andrew; Wilkin, Terence; Horikawa, Yukio; Cox, Nancy J.; Bell, Graeme I.; Ellard, Sian; McCarthy, Mark I.; Hattersley, Andrew T. (The American Society of Human Genetics, 2001-09)