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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    8 July 2016The Pageant of Mutabilitie: Virginia Woolf’s Between the Acts and The Faerie Queene  Shackleton, D
    1 September 2013Pathological bodies: medicine and political culture  Wagner, C
    3 March 2015Peepshows for All: Performing Words and the Travelling Showman  Plunkett, John
    2015"Pen and Ink and Page": The "American Letter" in Irish Atlantic Literature  Moynihan, Sinéad
    1 September 2014Performance and the "Holy Purse": Ben Jonson's attack on puritan value(s)  Preedy, C
    2016Performance, the document, and the digital: the case of Lynn Hershman Leeson’s ‘Robertas’  Giannachi, G
    2011Performing Nature's Footprint  Giannachi, G; Jacobs, R; Benford, S
    1 September 2015Performing Puberty: Fertile Complexions in Shakespeare's Plays  Sparey, V
    31 August 2017Petromodernity, petro-finance and plastic in Karen Tei Yamashita’s Through the Arc of the Rainforest  De Loughry, T
    2016"Phyllis McGinley needs no puff": gender and value in mid-century American poetry  Gill, Jo
    1 April 2015The Poetic Negotiations of a Gentleman Radical: Ernest Jones and the “Mighty Mind”  Rennie, S
    31 March 2018The Primal is the Political: Psychotherapy, Engagement, and Narcissism in the 1970s  Williams, PG; Edgar, B
    1 July 2015The problem of maternal violence: anatomy, forensic medicine and the mind  Wagner, C
    13 March 2019Publishers’ Networks and the Making of 21st Century African Literature in English  Wallis, K
    1 February 2013'Quite the Opposite of a Feminist": Phyllis McGinley, Betty Friedan, and Discourses of Gender in Mid-Century American Culture  Gill, Jo
    4 September 2017The ragged claws of crisis: Reading ‘Prufrock’ in Detroit  Steven, M
    1 May 2011Rambles Beyond Railways: Globalised Space and Gothicised Place in Victorian Cornwall  Young, Paul K. F.
    1 November 2017Reading Capital, Writing History: Pound's Marx  Steven, M
    2018Redefining the Origins of Camp: The Queer Correspondence of Carl Van Vechten and Ronald Firbank  Hext, K
    1 April 2016Reflecting (on) the Other: Jewish-Christian relations in Cligès and MS Michael 569(*)  Howell, NE