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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2011Performing Nature's Footprint  Giannachi, G; Jacobs, R; Benford, S
    1 September 2015Performing Puberty: Fertile Complexions in Shakespeare's Plays  Sparey, V
    31 August 2017Petromodernity, petro-finance and plastic in Karen Tei Yamashita’s Through the Arc of the Rainforest  De Loughry, T
    2016"Phyllis McGinley needs no puff": gender and value in mid-century American poetry  Gill, Jo
    1 April 2015The Poetic Negotiations of a Gentleman Radical: Ernest Jones and the “Mighty Mind”  Rennie, S
    31 March 2018The Primal is the Political: Psychotherapy, Engagement, and Narcissism in the 1970s  Williams, PG; Edgar, B
    1 July 2015The problem of maternal violence: anatomy, forensic medicine and the mind  Wagner, C
    13 March 2019Publishers’ Networks and the Making of 21st Century African Literature in English  Wallis, K
    1 February 2013'Quite the Opposite of a Feminist": Phyllis McGinley, Betty Friedan, and Discourses of Gender in Mid-Century American Culture  Gill, Jo
    4 September 2017The ragged claws of crisis: Reading ‘Prufrock’ in Detroit  Steven, M
    1 May 2011Rambles Beyond Railways: Globalised Space and Gothicised Place in Victorian Cornwall  Young, Paul K. F.
    1 November 2017Reading Capital, Writing History: Pound's Marx  Steven, M
    2018Redefining the Origins of Camp: The Queer Correspondence of Carl Van Vechten and Ronald Firbank  Hext, K
    1 April 2016Reflecting (on) the Other: Jewish-Christian relations in Cligès and MS Michael 569(*)  Howell, NE
    28 November 2016Relatable  Salisbury, LA
    2020Relocations: Diaspora, Travel, Migrancy  McWilliams, EM
    14 February 2017Remembering 1625: George Wither’s Britain’s Remembrancer and the condition of Early Caroline England  McRae, AD
    12 May 2017Replicating Venus: art, anatomy, wax models and automata  Wagner, C
    1 September 2013Resistances: Beckett's Language of Power in War and Peace  Salisbury, Laura
    20 December 2017Review of "The Winter's Tale", Dir. Declan Donnellan for Cheek by Jowl, Silk Street Theatre, London Barbican, 2017  Aebischer, PV