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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2020'American Healing': Primal Therapy, Rebirthing, and Cathartic Encounters in 1970s London (and Beyond)  Williams, P; Edgar, B
    2020“American Homespun Fascists”: Sean O’Casey and the returning veteran at the American Negro Theatre  Moynihan, S
    2014'Beautiful White Girlhood'? Daisy Buchanan in Nella Larsen's 'Passing'  Moynihan, Sinéad
    1 August 2018'Behindhand with their countrymen': Literary culture and economic decline in eighteenth-century Exeter  Crawford, JMU
    27 April 2020‘Between-time stories’: waiting, war and the temporalities of care  Salisbury, L
    1 May 2018'Bliss was it in that shirt to be alive': Connecting Romanticism and New Romanticism through dress  Bernhard Jackson, EA
    25 February 2016A Body of Work: An Anthology of Poetry and Medicine  Wagner, C; Brown, A
    31 October 2020‘B’ for Blane and ‘B’ for budget: the productivity, and narrativity, of Warner Bros.’ Torchy Blane series (1937–1939)  Hanson, H
    1 July 2016'Ding Dong Dell'  Feaver, J
    1 June 2016'Disco Feeling-Kin'  Feaver, J
    1 September 1999“The disturbances overseas”: a comparative report on the future of English Studies  Gagnier, Regenia
    10 December 2017“A Divine Kind of Rhetoric”: Rhetorical Strategy and Spirit-Wrought Sincerity in English Puritan Writing  Parry, D
    2009‘The Dragon and the Raven: Saxons, Danes and the Problem of Defining National Character in Victorian England’  Parker, Joanne
    2020'The dung-beetle's snowball': the philosophic narcissism of Claude Cahun's essay-poetry  Gee, F
    13 May 2016“Empty, Musing, Poignant”: Rupture, Nostalgia and the Seaside Resort in Contemporary Irish Fiction  Moynihan, SB
    1 March 2010'Every Night, The Same Routine': Recurring Nightmares and the Repetition Compulsion in Gothic Fiction  Crawford, J
    2016‘Fishing after News’ and the Ars Apodemica: The Intelligencing Role of the Educational Traveller in the Late Sixteenth Century  Williamson, E
    2015'From Disposability to Recycling': William Faulkner and the New Politics of Re-writing in Jesmyn Ward’s 'Salvage the Bones'  Moynihan, Sinéad
    17 February 2019‘Gore is the world’: embodying environmental risk in An Inconvenient Truth  Lyons, J
    2009“History Repeating Itself: Passing, Pudd’nhead Wilson and The President’s Daughter”  Moynihan, Sinéad