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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    14 March 2018D. H. Lawrence and Post-Natal Depression  Martin, K
    2010Darwin and Reductionisms: Victorian, Neo-Darwinian and Postgenomic Biologies  Richardson, Angelique
    21 December 2019Decadence on the Silent Screen: Stannard, Coward, Hitchcock, and Wilde  Hext, K
    31 January 2018Decolonizing American: Native Americans in Thomas Pynchon's Mason & Dixon  Freer, JE
    30 December 2020Depressing time: waiting, melancholia, and the psychoanalytic practice of care  Salisbury, L; Baraitser, L
    31 August 2018Diasporic and Transnational Writing 1950-present  McWilliams, EM
    13 February 2020Dickensian stuffing  Carver, B
    24 October 2018Dickens’s Global Circulation  Gagnier, RA
    2013Digital humanities and crowdsourcing: an exploration  Carletti, L; Giannachi, G; Price, D; et al.
    31 January 2021Digital Opportunities for Feminist Film Historiography: Insights from the Reframing Vivien Leigh Project  Smithstead, L
    14 August 2020Digital Theatre Transformation: A Case Study and Digital Toolkit  Aebischer, P; Nicholas, R
    30 October 2020Digital theatre transformation: a case study and digital toolkit: final report, October 2020  Aebischer, P; Nicholas, R
    16 April 2020Diplomatic Letters as Political Literature: Copying Sir Henry Unton’s Letters  Williamson, E
    9 December 2020Dismembered Frames: Dialectic Intermedia in Peter Greenaway’s The Pillow Book  Morrison, B
    26 March 2019Documenting digital art: the role of the audience  Giannachi, G
    1 August 2013Documenting Performance: Playing and Replaying Archives of Art and Heritage.  Giannachi, G
    1 October 2015Documenting the user experience  Giannachi, G
    20 June 2013Documenting the user experience: the cases of Blast Theory's Rider Spoke, Tate's Art Maps, RAMM's Moor Stories and Exeter Time Trails (Keynote address)  Giannachi, G
    6 July 2016Draining the Irish Channel: Identity, Sustainability, and the Politics of Water  Groom, N