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  • Heine's Russian Doppelgänger: Nineteenth-Century Translations of his Poetry 

    Hodgson, Katharine (Modern Humanities Research Association, 2005-10)
    Numerous Russian translations of Heine's poetry appeared in the mid-nineteenth century. Literary-political debates between radicals and conservatives shaped the reception of these translations, and the strategies adopted ...
  • Ol′ga Berggol′ts After the War: a Pre-Emptive Response to Zhdanov 

    Hodgson, Katharine (Modern Humanities Research Association, 2005-10)
    An article on Akhmatova's war poetry, written by Berggol'ts in 1946 but unpublished until 2001, argues that the war has changed people's perspectives and challenges standard Soviet attitudes towards Akhmatova, calling for ...
  • Telling tales: genre and narrative in post-Soviet poetry 

    Hodgson, Katharine (Maney, 2013)
    The post-Soviet revival of a group of related genres of narrative poetry is explored, focusing on the work of two poets: Mariia Stepanova, with her connections to the ballad tradition and the uncanny, and Boris Khersonskii, ...
  • Two Post-Soviet Anthologies of the 1990s and the Russian Twentieth-Century Poetry Canon 

    Hodgson, Katharine (Modern Humanities Research Association and University College London, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, 2012-10)
    The publication of two large anthologies of Russian twentieth-century poetry in the 1990s sparked lively critical discussions, particularly about the place of ‘official’ Soviet poetry in the literary canon. This article ...