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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    23 March 2015Consumption risk and the cross-section of government bond returns  Abhyankar, Abhay; Klinkowska, Olga; Lee, Soyeon
    2015Content analysis in social and environmental reporting research: trends and challenges  Vourvachis, Petros; Woodward, Thérèse
    1 November 2005Convergence in European corporate governance: the audit committee concept  Collier, Paul; Zaman, Mahbub
    1 June 2015Core values as a management control in the construction of “sustainable development”  Jollands, Stephen; Sawabe, Norio; Akroyd, Chris
    6 March 2016Corporate governance and firm-specific stock price crashes  Andreou, Panayiotis C.; Antoniou, Constantinos; Horton, Joanne; et al.
    2016Corporate social performance, competitive advantage, earnings persistence and firm value  Gregory, Alan; Whittaker, Julie; Yan, Xiaojuan
    1 May 2008Corporate social reporting (CSR): an attempt to revisit legitimacy theory  Vourvachis, Petros
    6 November 2015Corporate social responsibility and earnings quality: international evidence  Bozzolan, Saverio; Fabrizi, Michele; Mallin, Christine; et al.
    16 November 2019Corporate social responsibility and firm risk: theory and empirical evidence  Albuquerque, R; Koskinen, Y; Zhang, C
    1 November 2014Corporate social responsibility and firm value: disaggregating the effects on cash flow, risk and growth  Gregory, Alan; Tharyan, Rajesh; Whittaker, Julie
    1 June 2019Corporate tax avoidance: is tax transparency the solution?  Oats, L; Tuck, P
    10 May 2018Creating Legitimacy for Sustainability Assurance Practices: Evidence from Sustainability Restatements  Michelon, G; Patten, D; Romi, A
    19 January 2015CSR disclosure: The more things change…?  Cho, Charles H.; Michelon, Giovanna; Patten, Dennis M.; et al.
    2010CSR reactions to major legitimacy (and/or reputation) threats: the case of the aviation industry  Vourvachis, Petros; Woodward, Thérèse
    1 December 2014CSR reporting practices and the quality of disclosure: An empirical analysis  Michelon, Giovanna; Pilonato, Silvia; Ricceri, Federica
    14 March 2019Currency Regimes and the Carry Trade  Accominotti, O; Cen, J; Chambers, D; et al.