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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    27 April 2015Can behavioral biases explain the rejections of the expectation hypothesis of the term structure of interest rates?  Harris, Richard D. F.; Bulkley, George; Nawosah, Vivekanand
    1 March 2007Can Behavioural Finance Explain the Term Structure Puzzles?  Bulkley, George; Harris, Richard D. F.; Nawosah, Vivekanand
    1 July 2007Can the Cross-Sectional Variation in Expected Stock Returns Explain Momentum?  Bulkley, George; Nawosah, Vivekanand
    2008Can the evolution of implied volatility be forecasted? Evidence from European and US implied volatility indices  Konstantinidi, Eirini; Skiadopoulos, George; Tzagkaraki, Emilia
    1 March 2004Can tuition fees be justified? A break-even analysis of the financial statements of UK universities  McMeeking, Kevin P.
    22 July 2016Can we predict dividend cuts?  Onali, E
    29 March 2017Career Concerns of Banking Analysts  Horton, J; Serafeim, G; Wu, S
    1 October 2010Cash acquirers: free cash flow, shareholder monitoring, and shareholder returns  Gregory, Alan; Wang, Yuan-Hsin
    9 March 2016Causes and consequences of improvements in the information environment for Swedish small and mid-sized firms  Paananen, Mari; Renders, Annelies; Blomkvist, Marita
    1 September 2015CEO power, government monitoring, and bank dividends  Onali, E; Galiakhmetova, R; Molyneux, P; et al.
    1 December 2010CEO risk incentives and corporate cash holdings  Tong, Zhenxu
    20 November 2017China’s VAT on Exports: The Glacial Shift From a Heavy Hand to the Invisible Hand  Zu, Y
    6 November 2019Citizens United vs. FEC and Corporate Political Activism  Albuquerque, R; Lei, Z; Rocholl, J; et al.
    29 November 2012Cognitive dissonance, sentiment and momentum  Antoniou, Constantinos; Doukas, John A.; Subrahmanyam, Avanidhar
    7 April 2017Common auditors and cross-country M&A transactions  Chircop, J; Johan, S; Tarsalewska, M
    2009Competition, choice and governance in the UK audit market: interview evidence  McMeeking, Kevin P.
    5 March 2018Compliance and control: How performance measures make and unmake universities (Working Paper)  Soin, K; Huber, C; Wheatley, S
    1 January 2010Compulsory and voluntary annuities markets in the UK  Cannon, Edmund; Tonks, Ian
    29 May 2015Conservatism in residual income models: theory and supporting evidence  Ashton, David; Wang, Pengguo
    2011Constructing and testing alternative versions of the Fama-French and Carhart models in the UK  Gregory, Alan; Tharyan, Rajesh; Christidis, Angela Chih-Ying