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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 October 2008Day-of-the-month effects in the performance of momentum trading strategies in the foreign exchange market  Harris, Richard D. F.; Stoja, Evarist; Yilmaz, Fatih
    8 April 2019Debating banking in Britain: The Colwyn Committee, 1918  Billings, M; Mollan, S; Garnett, P
    2014Debating diversity in management accounting research  Burns, John; Euske, K.J.; Malina, Mary A.
    4 November 2018Debt priority structure, market discipline, and bank conduct  Danisewicz, P; McGowan, D; Onali, E; et al.
    12 May 2020Debtholder monitoring incentives and bank earnings opacity  Danisewicz, P; McGowan, D; Onali, E; et al.
    19 October 2015Demand for CSR: Insights from Shareholder Proposals  Michelon, Giovanna; Rodrigue, M.
    2011Deprival value vs. fair value measurement for contract liabilities: How to resolve the revenue recognition conundrum?  Horton, Joanne; Macve, Richard; Serafeim, George
    2013Descriptive, instrumental and strategic approaches to corporate social responsibility: Do they drive the financial performance of companies differently?  Boesso, Giacomo; Kumar, Kamalesh; Michelon, Giovanna
    11 August 2020Detecting academic fraud using Benford law: The case of Professor James Hunton  Horton, J; Kumar, DK; Wood, A
    1 November 2007Determinants of Voluntary Corporate Disclosures by UK Companies  Abraham, Santhosh; Darby, Phil; Tonks, Ian
    27 May 2008Deviations from optimal CEO ownership and firm value  Tong, Zhenxu
    14 July 2014Deviations from optimal corporate cash holdings and the valuation from a shareholder's perspective  Tong, Zhenxu
    9 July 2016Discretion in accounting for pensions under IAS 19: using the ‘magic telescope’?  Billings, M; O'brien, C; Woods, M; et al.
    28 December 2016Divided Nation: The North-South Cleavage in Italian Tax Compliance  D’Attoma, J
    2006Dividend valuation, trading and transactions costs: the 1997 partial abolition of dividend tax credit repayments  Holland, Kevin; Hodgkinson, Lynn; Jackson, Richard H.G.
    10 August 2017Dividends of development: Securities markets in the history of US capitalism, 1866-1922  Billings, M
    1 January 2014Do cross border and domestic acquisitions differ? Evidence from the acquisition of UK targets  Gregory, Alan; O'Donohoe, Sheila
    13 April 2020Do stress tests affect bank liquidity creation?  Nguyen, TVH; Ahmed, S; Chevapatrakul, T; et al.
    20 July 2016Does Assurance on CSR Reporting Enhance Environmental Reputation? An Examination in the U.S. Context  Birkey, R; Michelon, G; Patten, DM; et al.
    9 January 2020Does gender diversity on banks’ boards matter? Evidence from public bailouts  Onali, E; Cardillo, G; Torluccio, G