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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2012Earnings management and the role of auditors in an unusual IFRS context: the case of Greece  Tsipouridou, Maria; Spathis, Charalambos
    4 June 2019Earnings Management in Domestic and Foreign IPOs in the United States: Do Home Country Institutions Matter?  Jona, J; Filatotchev, I; Livne, G
    26 February 2019Earnings Performance Measures and CEO Turnover: Street versus GAAP Earnings  Jarva, H; Kallunki, J-P; Livne, G
    1 February 2018Effectiveness of Monitoring, Managerial Entrenchment, and Corporate Liquidity  Couzoff, P; Banerjee, S; Pawlina, G
    24 April 2019Emerging Perspectives on the Evolving Arm’s Length Principle and Formulary Apportionment  Oats, LM; Rogers, H
    21 April 2020Empirical evidence on audit quality under a dual mandatory auditor rotation rule  Horton, J; Livne, G; Pettinicchio, A
    1 July 2010Ending compulsory annuitisation: what are the consequences?  Blake, David; Cannon, Edmund; Tonks, Ian
    28 June 2019End‐of‐day price manipulation and M&As  Cumming, D; Ji, S; Johan, S; et al.
    2012Enhancement and obfuscation through the use of graphs in sustainability reports: An international comparison  Cho, Charles H.; Michelon, Giovanna; Patten, Dennis M.
    25 August 2016Environmental and Social Disclosures and Firm Risk  Benlemlih, M; Shaukat, A; Qiu, Y; et al.
    14 November 2014Environmental and social disclosures: link with corporate financial performance  Qiu, Yan; Shaukat, Amama; Tharyan, Rajesh
    4 August 2018Environmental and Social Matters in Mandatory Corporate Reporting: an Academic Note  Schneider, T; Michelon, G; Paananen, M
    1 January 2017Environmental liabilities and diversity in practice under international financial reporting standards  Schneider, T; Michelon, Giovanna; Maier, M
    2014Environmental reporting: transparency to stakeholders or stakeholders’ manipulation? An analysis of disclosure tone and the role of board of directors  Arena, Claudia; Bozzolan, Saverio; Michelon, Giovanna
    24 May 2008Equity block transfers in transition economies: evidence from Poland  Trojanowski, Grzegorz
    6 August 2015Equity Incentives and corporate fraud in China  Hass, LH; Tarsalewska, M; Zhan, F
    15 August 2014Establishment creation and destruction across business density cycles: US evidence  Burke, Andrew; Shaukat, Amama
    1 October 2007Estimation of the Conditional Variance-Covariance Matrix of Returns using the Intraday Range  Harris, Richard D. F.; Yilmaz, Fatih
    8 November 2017European Market Reaction to Audit Reforms  Horton, J; Tsipouridou, M; Wood, A
    1 July 2013Executive compensation and the split share structure reform in China  Hou, Wenxuan; Lee, Edward; Stathopoulos, Konstantinos; et al.