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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    10 September 2015Has the regulation of non-GAAP disclosures influenced managers' use of aggressive earnings exclusions?  Black, Ervin L.; Christensen, Theodore E; Kiosse, Paraskevi Vicky; et al.
    1 October 2004Hedging and Value at Risk  Harris, Richard D. F.; Shen, Jian
    1 August 2009Hedging and value at risk: a semi-parametric approach  Cao, Zhiguang; Harris, Richard D. F.; Shen, Jane
    31 October 2014How do strengths and weaknesses in corporate social performance across different stakeholder domains affect company performance?  Kumar, Kamalesh; Boesso, Giacomo; Michelon, Giovanna
    1 June 2009How does law affect finance? An examination of equity tunneling in Bulgaria  Atanasov, Vladimir A.; Black, Bernard S.; Ciccotello, Conrad S.; et al.
    2016How far does financial reporting allow us to judge whether M&A activity is successful?  Dargenidou, C; Gregory, A; Hua, S
    1 September 2007How Low is the UK Equity Risk Premium?  Gregory, Alan
    27 May 2017How should we estimate value-relevance models? Insights from European data  Onali, E; Ginesti, G; Vasilakis, C