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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 November 2007The Association between Partnership Financial Integration and Risky Audit Client Portfolios  Hay, David C.; Baskerville, Rachel F.; Qiu, Travis Hui
    1 July 2007The Concealed Problems for Accounting Labour in Global Professional Network Initiatives  Baskerville, Rachel F.
    8 June 2020The Covid-19 pandemic, protests and a pedagogy of care  Myers, L
    1 September 2006The determinants of the UK Big Firms Premium  McMeeking, Kevin P.; Pope, Peter F.; Peasnell, Ken V.
    20 December 2016The Dynamic Black-Litterman Approach to Asset Allocation  Harris, RDF; Stoja, E; Tan, L
    15 May 2018The dynamics of internalised and extrinsic motivation in the ethical decision making of small business owners  Onu, D; Oats, L; Kirchler, E
    2012The effect of corporate governance on sustainability disclosure  Michelon, Giovanna; Parbonetti, Antonio
    2006The effect of large audit firm mergers on audit pricing in the UK  McMeeking, Kevin P.
    4 July 2006The evolution of Darwinism in business studies  Baskerville, Rachel F.
    1 November 2009The Fama-French and momentum portfolios and factors in the UK  Gregory, Alan; Tharyan, Rajesh; Huang, Angela
    2 May 2018The impact of accounting standards on pension investment decisions  Barthelme, C; Kiosse, PV; Sellhorn, T
    8 September 2010The impact of introducing estimates of the future on international comparability in earnings expectations  Dargenidou, Christina; McLeay, Stuart
    1 January 2006The Impact of the Precision and Scale of News on Trading Volume: Evidence from Volume Following Profit Warnings  Bulkley, George
    27 March 2014The implied growth rates and country risk premium: evidence from Chinese stock markets  Wang, Pengguo; Huang, Wei
    1 October 2017The interplay of managerial and non-managerial controls, institutional work, and the coordination of laterally dependent hospital activities  Nyland, K; Morland, C; Burns, J
    21 September 2017The intrinsic value of gold: an exchange rate-free price index  Harris, RDF; Shen, J
    1 June 2010The limits to minimum-variance hedging  Harris, Richard D. F.; Shen, Jian; Stoja, Evarist
    2013The network effects of core values on management controls  Jollands, Stephen; Akroyd, Chris; Sawabe, Norio
    1 January 2006The Operating Performance of Buyout IPOs in the UK and the Influence of Private Equity Financing  Murray, Gordon; Niu, Dongmei; Harris, Richard D. F.
    1 December 2014The option and decision to repurchase stock  Sonika, Rohit; Carline, Nicholas F.; Shackleton, Mark B.