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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    14 April 2015Ambiguity aversion and stock market participation: an empirical analysis  Antoniou, Constantinos; Harris, Richard D. F.; Zhang, Ruogu
    29 January 2013Ambiguity aversion, company size and the pricing of earnings forecasts  Antoniou, Constantinos; Galariotis, Emilios C.; Read, Daniel
    29 November 2012Cognitive dissonance, sentiment and momentum  Antoniou, Constantinos; Doukas, John A.; Subrahmanyam, Avanidhar
    6 March 2016Corporate governance and firm-specific stock price crashes  Andreou, Panayiotis C.; Antoniou, Constantinos; Horton, Joanne; et al.