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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2012Asymmetric first-price auctions with uniform distributions: Analytic solutions to the general case  Kaplan, Todd R.; Zamir, Shmuel
    1 December 2007Asymmetric first-price auctions with uniform distributions: analytic solutions to the general case  Kaplan, Todd R.; Zamir, Shmuel
    2006Asymmetry of Shocks and Convergence in Selected Asean Countries: A Dynamic Analysis  Cortinhas, Carlos
    2006Asymptotic methods and functional central limit theorems  Davidson, James
    2020Auctions with External Incentives: Experimental Evidence  Fonseca, MA; Giovannoni, F; Makris, M
    1 October 2003Auctions with private entry costs  Kaplan, Todd R.; Sela, Aner
    1 May 2012A cautionary note on tests of overidentifying restrictions  Dias Costa Parente, Paulo M.; Santos Silva, J.M.C.
    2016A critical exploration of ‘access’ in qualitative International Business field research: towards a concept of socio-cultural and multidimensional research practice  Fjellström, D; Guttormsen, David S.A.
    17 March 2015An experiment on case-based decision making  Grosskopf, Brit; Sarin, Rajiv; Watson, Elizabeth
    15 December 2017An experiment on first-price common-value auctions with asymmetric information structures: The blessed winner  Grosskopf, B; Sarin, R; Rentschler, L
    2015An Experiment on Forward versus Backward Induction: How Fairness and Levels of Reasoning Matter  Balkenborg, D; Nagel, R
    1 August 2016An experiment on forward vs. backward induction: how fairness and level k reasoning matter  Balkenborg, D; Nagel, R
    2014An experiment on the causes of bank run contagions  Chakravarty, Surajeet; Fonseca, Miguel A.; Kaplan, Todd R.
    2009An experimental investigation of asymmetric contests  Fonseca, Miguel A.
    2010An experimental investigation of entry cost effects in sealed bid dollar auctions  Chakravarty, Surajeet; Ghosh, Sudeep
    4 February 2015An experimental study on the effect of ambiguity in a coordination game  Kelsey, David; le Roux, Sara
    1 September 2014A fine is a more effective financial deterrent when framed retributively and extracted publicly  Kurz, Tim; Thomas, WE; Fonseca, Miguel A.
    1 October 2008A general bound for the limiting distribution of Breitung's statistic  Davidson, James; Magnus, Jan R.; Wiegerinck, Jan
    31 October 2018A generalizable integrated natural capital methodology for targeting investment in coastal defence  Davis, KJ; Binner, A; Bell, A; et al.
    16 August 2011A heteroskedasticity robust Breusch-Pagan test for contemporaneous correlation in dynamic panel data models  Halunga, Andreea G.; Orme, Chris D.; Yamagata, Takashi