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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 January 2016Market Design and the Stability of General Equilibrium  Goeree, JK; Lindsay, L
    1 February 2005Market distortions and corporate governance  Kelsey, David; Milne, Frank
    16 February 2018Market Power and Cost Efficiencies in Banking  Kumar, P
    4 August 2016Measurement of production efficiency and environmental efficiency in China’s province-level: a by-production approach  Zhao, Zuoxiang
    29 January 2016Measuring the measurement error: A method to qualitatively validate survey data  Blattman, C; Jamison, J; Koroknay-Palicz, T; et al.
    2 March 2018Metaphysical Realism and Objectivity: Some Theoretical Reflections  Ianulardo, G; Stella, A
    1 January 2004Moment and memory properties of linear conditional heteroscedasticity models, and a new model  Davidson, James
    1 January 2012Monetary shocks, exchange rates, and the extensive margin of exports  Cooke, Dudley
    18 March 2015Multiple taxes and alternative forms of FDI: evidence from cross-border acquisitions  Herger, Nils; Kotsogiannis, Christos; McCorriston, Steve