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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2008Calibration results for non-expected utility theories  Safra, Zvi; Segal, Uri
    15 June 2015Candy elasticity: Halloween experiments on public political statements  Jamison, J; Karlan, D
    11 December 2020Capital obsolescence and agricultural productivity  Caunedo, J; Keller, E
    2015Capital taxes, labor taxes and the household  Siegel, Christian; Oikonomou, Rigas
    2006Caps on Political Lobbying: Comment.  Kaplan, Todd R.; Wettstein, David
    1 November 2019Choice Architecture to Improve Financial Decision Making  Carpenter, JP; Huet-Vaughn, E; Matthews, PH; et al.
    6 February 2020Circular Economy as Fictional Expectation to Overcome Societal Addictions. Where do We Stand?  De Angelis, R; Ianulardo, G
    4 June 2020Coastal armoring and sinking property values: the case of seawalls in California  Brucal, A; Lynham, J
    2013Cointegration and error correction  Davidson, James
    1 August 2010Combining the contributions of behavioral economics and other social sciences in understanding taxation and tax reform  James, Simon
    5 March 2018Commitments to Give-if-you-Win Exceed Donations After a Win  Reinstein, D; Riener, G; Kellner, C
    1 May 2010Comparing three ways to update Choquet beliefs  Eichberger, Jürgen; Grant, Simon; Kelsey, David
    1 August 2008Confronting the Robinson Crusoe paradigm with household-size heterogeneity  Koulovatianos, Christos; Schröder, Carsten; Schmidt, Ulrich
    16 June 2015Conserving tropical biodiversity via market forces and spatial targeting  Bateman, IJ; Coombes, E; Fitzherbert, E; et al.
    1 March 2012Consistent model specification testing  Davidson, James; Halunga, Andreea G.
    1 August 2014Consistent testing of functional form in time series models  Halunga, Andreea G.; Davidson, James
    5 June 2018Consumer Search, Incomplete Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Optimal Interest Rate Policy  Cooke, DK
    27 November 2017Consumption experience, choice experience and the endowment effect  Humphrey, SJ; Lindsay, L; Starmer, C
    21 November 2020Contesting an international trade agreement  Cole, MT; Lake, J; Zissimos, B
    9 June 2018Contests with ambiguity  Kelsey, D; Melkonyan, T