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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 August 2013Decentralised bilateral trading in a market with incomplete information  Chatterjee, Kalyan; Das, Kaustav
    10 January 2015Decentralised bilateral trading, competition for bargaining partners and the "law of one price"  Chatterjee, Kalyan; Das, Kaustav
    2 June 2018Decentralization and fuel subsidies  Ferraresi, M; Kotsogiannis, C; Rizzo, L
    30 March 2018Decision Making With Risk-Based Weather Warnings  Mu, D; Kaplan, TR; Dankers, R
    2003Delegated job design  Hvide, Hans K.; Kaplan, Todd R.
    1 November 2012Determinants of vertical integration in export processing: theory and evidence from China  Fernandes, Ana P.; Tang, Heiwai
    2013Developing country second-mover advantage in competition over environmental standards and taxes  Groenert, Valeska; Zissimos, Ben
    21 June 2017Discrimination in a deprived neighbourhood: an artefactual field experiment  Grosskopf, B; Pearce, G
    2004Dividing the indivisible: procedures for allocating cabinet ministries to political parties in a parliamentary system  Brams, Steven J.; Kaplan, Todd R.
    12 April 2017Do behavioral nudges in pre-populated tax forms affect compliance? Experimental evidence with real taxpayers  Fonseca, MA; Grimshaw, SB
    3 October 2015Do students behave like real taxpayers in the lab? Evidence from a real effort tax compliance experiment  Choo, CYL; Fonseca, MA; Myles, GD
    2019Do you mind me paying less? Measuring Other-Regarding Preferences in the Market for Taxis  Grosskopf, B; Pearce, G
    17 November 2010Does AHP help us make a choice? - An experimental evaluation  Balkenborg, Dieter; Ishizaka, Alessio; Kaplan, Todd R.
    2020Does the past count? Sovereign debt during the classical Gold Standard through the lenses of mover stayer and Markov chain models  Bragoli, D; Ferretti, C; Ganugi, P; et al.
    2005Does university research improve university teaching in management?  James, Simon
    7 January 2017Does US monetary policy respond to oil and food prices?  Kara, E
    22 October 2013Domestic and trade equivalences of state trading importers  McCorriston, Steve; MacLaren, Donald
    2020Don’t Swipe the Small Stuff: A Randomized Evaluation of Rules of Thumb-Based Financial Education  Jamison, J
    1 March 2016Dragon slaying with ambiguity: theory and experiments  Kelsey, D; Roux, S
    28 October 2019Drivers are blamed more than their automated cars when both make mistakes  Awad, E; Levine, S; Kleiman-Weiner, M; et al.