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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 December 2008Imperfect competition and corporate governance  Kelsey, David; Milne, Frank
    2007Implementing the wild bootstrap using a two-point distribution  Davidson, James; Monticini, Andrea; Peel, David
    24 January 2017Improving natural capital: an assessment of progress  Natural Capital Committee
    2009In search of welfare-improving gifts  Kaplan, Todd R.; Ruffle, Bradley J.
    3 August 2013Incentive schemes for local government: theory and evidence from comprensive performance assessment in England  Lockwood, Ben; Porcelli, Francesco
    1 February 2014Indirect tax harmonization and global public goods  Karakosta, Ourania; Kotsogiannis, Christos; Lopez-Garcia, Miguel-Angel
    2001Individually rational trade union membership  Bulkley, George; Myles, Gareth D.
    2009Inflation conservatism and monetary-fiscal policy interactions  Blake, Andrew P.; Kirsanova, Tatiana
    1 April 2011Influence of aggregation and measurement scale on ranking a compromise alternative in AHP  Balkenborg, Dieter; Ishizaka, Alessio; Kaplan, Todd R.
    27 October 2017Information Aggregation in Arrow-Debreu Markets: An Experiment  Choo, L; Kaplan, TR; Zultan, R
    2012Information and ambiguity: herd and contrarian behaviour in financial markets  Ford, J.L.; Kelsey, David; Pang, Wei
    22 June 2016Information transmission within federal fiscal architectures: Theory and evidence (discussion paper)  Dreher, A; Gehring, K; Kotsogiannis, C; et al.
    11 August 2017Information transmission within federal fiscal architectures: Theory and evidence (journal article)  Dreher, A; Gehring, K; Kotsogiannis, C; et al.
    31 October 2017Innovation with field experiments: Studying organizational behaviors in actual organizations  Hauser, OP; Linos, E; Rogers, T
    1 October 2003Innovative Activity with Sunk Cost  Kaplan, Todd R.; Luski, Israel; Wettstein, David
    15 May 2019Integrating local knowledge to prioritise invasive species management  Davis, KJ; Caceres-Escobar, H; Atkinson, SC; et al.
    2010International environmental agreements under uncertainty: does the veil of uncertainty help?  Finus, Michael; Pintassilgo, Pedro
    2004International trends in taxation and the taxation of investment  James, Simon; Sawyer, Adrian
    1 April 2007Intra-industry trade and business cycles in ASEAN  Cortinhas, Carlos
    19 January 2018Introduction to the special issue in honor of Nobel Laureate Angus Deaton: “consumption, poverty and inequality in the household”  Quintana-Domeque, C