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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    29 March 2017Pampered Bureaucracy, Political Stability and Trade Integration (journal article)  Stroup, C; Zissimos, B
    1 February 2017Pampered Bureaucracy, Political Stability, and Trade Integration (working paper)  Stroup, C; Zissimos, B
    1 December 2016Parastatals as instruments of government policy: The Food Corporation of India  McCorriston, S; MacLaren, D
    12 December 2019Pareto-improving indirect tax coordination and tax diversity  Kotsogiannis, C; Lopez-Garcia, Miguel-Angel
    13 February 2013Party activists, campaign funding and the quality of government  Maloney, John; Pickering, Andrew C.
    27 February 2017Patent breadth in an international setting  Bond, E; Zissimos, BC
    21 April 2016Paving streets for the poor: Experimental analysis of infrastructure effects  Gonzalez-Navarro, M; Quintana-Domeque, C
    28 January 2019People Use Less Energy When They Think Their Neighbors Care About the Environment  Jachimowicz, JM; Hauser, OP; O'Brien, J; et al.
    23 November 2016Perceptions regarding the value of life before and after birth  Jamison, JC
    24 November 2017Policy and performance in customs: Evaluating the trade facilitation agreement  Hillberry, R; Zhang, X
    10 January 2019Policy design for the Anthropocene  Sterner, T; Barbier, E; Bateman, IJ; et al.
    2003Political business cycles and central bank independence  Maloney, John; Pickering, Andrew C.; Hadri, Kaddour
    19 November 2020Political competition over property rights enforcement  Auerbach, JU
    7 April 2015Politics and tax reform: a comparative analysis of the implementation of a broad-based consumption tax in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom  James, Simon; Bentley, Duncan; Alley, Clinton
    8 January 2014Pollinator declines: Avoid pitfalls of consensus methods.  Bateman, IJ; Agarwala, M; Bad'ura, T
    24 July 2019Predicting entrepreneurial success is hard: Evidence from a business plan competition in Nigeria  McKenzie, D; Sansone, D
    27 April 2019Preference uncertainty as an explanation of anomalies in contingent valuation: coastal management in the UK  Smith, G; Day, B; Bateman, IJ
    22 April 2020Preordered service in contract enforcement  Auerbach, JU; Fonseca, MA
    22 August 2015Pricing Default Risk in Mortgage Backed Securities (working paper)  Singhania, H
    22 November 2018Product Market Competition and Gender Discrimination  Cooke, D; Fernandes, AP; Ferreira, P