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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    5 July 2013Bringing ecosystem services into economic decision-making: land use in the United Kingdom  Bateman, Ian; Harwood, Amii R.; Mace, Georgina; et al.
    1 March 2015Contract cheating and the market in essays  Rigby, Dan; Burton, Michael; Balcombe, Kevin; et al.
    27 September 2013Economic analysis for the UK National Ecosystem Assessment: synthesis and scenario valuation of changes in ecosystem services  Bateman, Ian; Harwood, Amii R.; Abson, David J.; et al.
    27 September 2013Economic Assessment of the Recreational Value of Ecosystems: Methodological Development and National and Local Application  Sen, A; Harwood, Amii R.; Bateman, Ian; et al.
    25 October 2013Ecosystem services: response  Bateman, Ian; Harwood, Amii R.; Mace, Georgina; et al.
    4 February 2015The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture: Nonlinear Effects and Aggregation Bias in Ricardian Models of Farmland Values  Fezzi, Carlo; Bateman, Ian
    25 December 2013The importance of local forest benefits: Economic valuation of Non-Timber Forest Products in the Eastern Arc Mountains in Tanzania  Schaafsma, Marije; Morse-Jones, S; Posen, P; et al.
    8 January 2014Pollinator declines: Avoid pitfalls of consensus methods.  Bateman, Ian; Agarwala, M; Bad'ura, T
    4 January 2016The potential for land sparing to offset greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture  Lamb, Anthony; Green, Rhys; Bateman, Ian; et al.
    12 May 2014Revealed and stated preference valuation and transfer: A within-sample comparison of water quality improvement values  Ferrini, Silvia; Schaafsma, Marije; Bateman, Ian
    5 July 2013Sustainable Intensification in Agriculture: Premises and Policies  Garnett, T; Appleby, MC; Balmford, A; et al.
    11 November 2013Using revealed preferences to estimate the value of travel time to recreation sites  Fezzi, Carlo; Bateman, Ian; Ferrini, Silvia
    27 September 2013The value of urban green space in Britain: A methodological framework for spatially referenced benefit transfer  Perino, G; Andrews, B; Kontoleon, A; et al.
    27 September 2013Valuing Climate Change Effects Upon UK Agricultural GHG Emissions: Spatial Analysis of a Regulating Ecosystem Service  Abson, David J.; Termansen, Mette; Pascual, Unai; et al.
    27 September 2013Valuing Provisioning Ecosystem Services in Agriculture: The Impact of Climate Change on Food Production in the United Kingdom  Fezzi, Carlo; Bateman, Ian; Askew, T; et al.