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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2012Bandwagon effects in British general elections, 1885-1910  Hodgson, Robert; Maloney, John
    2003Behind the cube rule: implications of and evidence against a fractal electoral geography  Maloney, John; Pearson, Bernard; Pickering, Andrew C.
    1 December 2006Britain's single currency debate of the late 1860s  Maloney, John
    1 December 2012Economic voting in Britain, 1857-1914  Hodgson, Robert; Maloney, John
    13 February 2013Party activists, campaign funding and the quality of government  Maloney, John; Pickering, Andrew C.
    2003Political business cycles and central bank independence  Maloney, John; Pickering, Andrew C.; Hadri, Kaddour
    2005Robert Lowe, The Times, and political economy  Maloney, John
    1 August 2011Straightening the Phillips Curve, 1968-76  Maloney, John
    2010The Treasury and the New Cambridge School in the 1970s  Maloney, John
    2014Voting and the economic cycle  Maloney, John; Pickering, Andrew