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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2013Developing country second-mover advantage in competition over environmental standards and taxes  Groenert, Valeska; Zissimos, Ben
    1 January 2013Is the GATT/WTO's Article XXIV bad?  Mrazova, Monika; Vines, David; Zissimos, Ben
    2009Optimum tariffs and retaliation: how country numbers matter  Zissimos, Ben
    2008Public good differentiation and the intensity of tax competition  Zissimos, Ben; Wooders, Myrna
    1 April 2013Social unrest in the wake of IMF Structural Adjustment Programs  Stroup, Caleb; Zissimos, Ben
    2011Why are trade agreements regional?  Zissimos, Ben
    12 April 2015World price shocks, income, and democratization  Zissimos, Ben