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  • Arbeitslosengeld II: Arbeitsanreize und Verteilungsgerechtigkeit 

    Koulovatianos, Christos; Schröder, Carsten; Schmidt, Ulrich (Springer, 2008-07)
    In order to analyze work incentives and distributive justice of the German Unemployment Benefit system (Arbeitslosengeld II (ALG II)) it is necessary to quantify the work effort and the value of commodities produced within ...
  • Confronting the Robinson Crusoe paradigm with household-size heterogeneity 

    Koulovatianos, Christos; Schröder, Carsten; Schmidt, Ulrich (Center for Financial Studies, University of Frankfurt, 2008-08)
    Modern macroeconomics empirically addresses economy-wide incentives behind economic actions by using insights from the way a single representative household would behave. This analytical approach requires that incentives ...
  • The effects of market structure on industry growth: rivalrous nonexcludable capital 

    Koulovatianos, Christos; Mirman, Leonard J. (Elsevier, 2007-03)
    We analyze imperfect competition in dynamic environments where firms use rivalrous but nonexcludable industry-specific capital that is provided exogenously. Capital depreciation depends on utilization, so firms influence ...
  • Nonmarket household time and the cost of children 

    Koulovatianos, Christos; Schröder, Carsten; Schmidt, Ulrich (American Statistical Association, 2009-01)
    A distinguishing feature among households is whether adult members work or not, since the occupational status of adults affects their available time for home activities. Using a survey method in two countries, Belgium and ...
  • On the income dependence of equivalence scales 

    Koulovatianos, Christos; Schröder, Carsten; Schmidt, Ulrich (Elsevier, 2005-06)
    Household consumption exhibits economies of scale as the number of household members increases. We collect survey data from two countries, Germany and France, in order to obtain direct subjective estimates of household ...
  • Optimal growth and uncertainty: learning 

    Koulovatianos, Christos; Mirman, Leonard J.; Santugini, Marc (Elsevier, 2009-01)
    We introduce learning in a Brock-Mirman environment and study the effect of risk generated by the planner's econometric activity on optimal consumption and investment. Here, learning introduces two sources of risk about ...