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  • All-pay auctions with variable rewards 

    Kaplan, Todd R.; Luski, Israel; Sela, Aner; Wettstein, David (Blackwell, 2002-12)
    We study all–pay auctions with variable rewards under incomplete information. In standard models, a reward depends on a bidder’s privately known type; however, in our model it is also a function of his bid. We show that ...
  • Government policy towards multi-national corporations 

    Kaplan, Todd R.; Luski, Israel; Wettstein, David (Vanderbilt University, 2003-05-20)
    We analyze an environment with asymmetric information where a country tries to attract a multi-national corporation. The country can use both taxes and grants to meet its objective of maximizing net revenues. We show that ...
  • Innovative Activity with Sunk Cost 

    Kaplan, Todd R.; Luski, Israel; Wettstein, David (Elsevier, 2003-10)
    We analyze innovative activity in a general framework with time-dependent rewards and sunk costs. When firms are identical, innovation is delayed by an increase in the number of firms or a decrease in the size of the reward. ...