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  • Domestic and trade equivalences of state trading importers 

    McCorriston, Steve; MacLaren, Donald (Wiley, 2013-10-22)
    Market intermediaries in importing countries in the form of state trading enterprises (STEs) involve government manipulation of market structure that can be designated a nontariff measure because they are perceived to ...
  • How do institutions affect corruption and the shadow economy? 

    Dreher, Axel; Kotsogiannis, Christos; McCorriston, Steve (Springer, 2009-12)
    This paper analyzes a simple model that captures the relationship between institutional quality, the shadow economy, and corruption. It shows that an improvement in institutional quality reduces the shadow economy and ...
  • Multiple taxes and alternative forms of FDI: evidence from cross-border acquisitions 

    Herger, Nils; Kotsogiannis, Christos; McCorriston, Steve (Springer, 2015-03-18)
    This paper explores the role of tax instruments in affecting foreign direct investment (FDI), paying particular attention on their effect on two forms of FDI strategy, ‘horizontal’ and ‘vertical’. Applying a decomposition ...
  • Retailer heterogeneity and price dynamics: scanner data evidence from UK food retailing 

    Lloyd, T.A.; McCorriston, Steve; Poen, Eva; Zgovu, E. (Elsevier, 2012-10)
    This paper contributes to recent research on price dynamics using micro-price data sets. We emphasize a previously neglected aspect, the role of retailer heterogeneity. Our key findings are: (i) the frequency of price ...
  • The trade and welfare effects of state trading in China with reference to COFCO 

    McCorriston, Steve; Maclaren, Donald (Blackwell, 2010-04)
    The use of state trading to manage imports and exports has been a long-standing feature of China’s agricultural trade regime. While the use of state trading was modified by China’s accession to the WTO, state trading still ...