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  • Here's something you never asked for, didn't know existed, and can't easily obtain: a search model of gift giving 

    Kaplan, Todd R.; Ruffle, Bradley J. (Elsevier, 2009)
    Gift giving is thought to decrease welfare. Recipients are sometimes stuck with gifts they would not have purchased because the giver does not perfectly know the recipient’s preferences and in-kind gifts cannot be costlessly ...
  • The Self-Serving Biases and Beliefs about Rationality 

    Kaplan, Todd R.; Ruffle, Bradley J. (Western Economic Association., 2004-04)
    Most previous experiments attempting to establish the existence of the self-serving bias have confounded it with strategic behavior. We design an experiment that controls for strategic behavior (Haman effects) and isolates ...
  • Which way to cooperate 

    Kaplan, Todd R.; Ruffle, Bradley J. (Wiley, 2007-06)
    Cooperation in real-world dilemmas takes many forms. We introduce a class of two-player games that permits two distinct ways to cooperate in the repeated game. One way to cooperate is to play cutoff strategies, which rely ...