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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
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    7 June 2018Common threats and managing reputation in executive search firms  Harvey, WS; Li, H; Beaverstock, JV
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    11 March 2020Competition, Technology Licensing-in, and Innovation  Moreira, S; Klueter, TM; Tasselli, S
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    2016Complexity in a systems engineering organization: An empirical case study  Gilbert, D; Yearworth, M
    2009Conceptualising entrepreneurial capital for a study of performance in small professional service firms  Stringfellow, Lindsay; Shaw, Eleanor
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    6 November 2015Conceptualizing leadership perceptions as attitudes: Using attitude theory to further understand the leadership process  Lee, A; Martin, R; Thomas, G; et al.
    2004Confessions of an IS consultant, or, the limitations of structuration theory  Thompson, M
    30 November 2019Conflicts and coalitions: the drivers of European corporate sustainability reforms  Monciardini, D
    22 August 2016Conjoint communication and knowledge use/needs analysis in a financial services firm  Powell, J; van den Heever, S
    21 October 2020Connect vs. conquer? CEO gender and implicit motives  Brückner, J; Bosak, J; Lang, JWB
    26 August 2016Conscientiousness, extraversion, and field sales performance: Combining narrow personality, social skill, emotional stability, and nonlinearity  Wihler, A; Meurs, JA; Momm, TD; et al.
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    1 July 2016Considering Collectives: Roles, Members and Goals  Wood, Z
    2017Constructing Women Leaders’ Identity  Sealy, R
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