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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    26 January 2019Economies of collaboration in build-to-model operations  Hedenstierna, CPT; Disney, SM; Eyers, DR; et al.
    2014Editorial to the Special Issue: ‘Procuring & Managing Complex Performance’  Howard, MB; Caldwell, N
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    1 August 2018Emotional paths leading to opportunity desirability and feasibility beliefs through controllability  Ivanova, S; Treffers, T; Langerak, F
    31 May 2020Employee overqualification and manager job insecurity: Implications for employee career outcomes  Erdogan, B; Karakitapoğlu‐Aygün, Z; Caughlin, DE; et al.
    18 August 2017Empowering leadership: A meta-analytic examination of incremental contribution, mediation, and moderation  Lee, AJR; Willis, S; Wei Tian, A
    15 June 2019Enabling innovation in the face of uncertainty through IT ambidexterity: A fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis of industrial service SMEs  Ortiz de Guinea, A; Raymond, L
    1 September 2016Encouraging creativity in SME contexts – Reconceptualising HRM as a non-linear activity  Perkins, GM
    18 September 2014Energy practices among small- and medium-sized tourism enterprises: a case of misdirected effort?  Coles, Tim; Dinan, Claire; Warren, Neil
    27 January 2016Energy's role in the extraversion (dis)advantage: How energy ties and task conflict help clarify the relationship between extraversion and proactive performance  Cullen-Lester, KL; Leroy, H; Gerbasi, A; et al.
    17 June 2016Entrepreneurial academic entrepreneurs: understanding micro social factors and legitimacy  Miller, K; Alexander, AT; Albats, E
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    1 December 2007Epistemes and structures of sensemaking in organizational life  O'Leary, Majella; Chia, Robert
    20 January 2019Equity crowdfunding and governance : Toward an integrative model and research agenda  Cumming, DJ; Vanacker, T; Zahra, SA
    13 August 2018Equity crowdfunding, shareholder structures, and firm performance  Walthoff-Borm, X; Vanacker, T; Collewaert, V
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