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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2 April 2021Narrative Reporting: State of the Art and Future Challenges  Michelon, G; Trojanowski, G; Sealy, R
    2016Narrative, metaphor and the subjective understanding of identity transition  Maclean, M; Harvey, C; Stringfellow, L
    2018Navigating the Anthropocene: insights from the wisdom of the Corpus Hermeticum.  Jeanrenaud, SJ; Jeanrenaud, J-P
    6 May 2016Navigating the patent minefield through consortia  Lopez, D; Gawer, A; Camarillo, G
    28 September 2016Network structure in sustainable agro-industrial parks  Nuhoff-Isakhanyan, G; Wubben, EFM; Omta, OSWF; et al.
    1 October 2014NeuroIS-Alternative or Complement to Existing Methods? Illustrating the Holistic Effects of Neuroscience and Self-Reported Data in the Context of Technostress Research  Tams, S; Hill, K; de Guinea, AO; et al.
    17 April 2019New conceptualization and measurement of corporate identity: Evidence from UK food and beverage industry  Tourky, ME; Alwi, S; Kitchen, P; et al.
    2008New rules - old games? Social capital and privatisation in France, 1986-1998  Maclean, Mairi
    1 June 2016New versus frequent donors: exploring the behaviour of the most desirable donors  Faulkner, Margaret; Romanuik, Jenni; Stern, Philip
    26 November 2018Norm Talk and Human Cooperation: Can We Talk Ourselves Into Cooperation?  Shank, DB; Kashima, Y; Peters, K; et al.